Beetle Battle

The Mountain Pine Beetle and the IPS Engraver Beetle will both attack and kill pine trees and other species of long needle evergreens that have been planted or are naturally grown.

The IPS Beetle attacks long needle pine trees of various sizes in the spring and has multiple flights through the season. The Mountain Pine Beetle attacks larger Ponderosa Pine trees in the latter part of July and August. Both beetle species are devastating to a tree that is not in the healthiest of condition, but the Mountain Pine Beetle is waging a particularly serious attack on the Black Hills Ponderosa Pine trees these past few years.

Valuable trees should be sprayed every year. To battle both beetles, we apply the residual Astro spray, which protects the trees through the entire growing season. Spraying for Mountain Pine Beetle should be done in April, May or June before the bug takes flight in any areas which have shown infestation. Spraying for the prevention of IPS Beetle is imperative after any type of damage is done to a healthy tree, for example construction, car hitting tree, drought, etc. Systemic injection of fertilizer will increase vigor.

It will take 50 to 100 years to replace a mature Ponderosa Pine tree. Plan today to spray!

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